About us

About us


My name is Stefania Polch. As Owner and Managing Director of Vera Donna GmbH for bookbindery paper and leather processing, I stand for the quality of all products manufactured in our house.

More than 25 years, I work as a bookbinder in Germany. My Italian roots are incorporated not only in our company name Vera Donna (“true woman”) – they determine our products in many ways. For our production we use high-quality, barrel-tanned cow leather genuined from Italy, luxurious gold-powdered papers, as well as fine fabrics from Venice, Milan and Genoa.

I only use the best materials for my products. Our genuine cowhide leather origins from Italy and Germany, our fabrics are completely made in Germany and Europe. We pay great importance to a transparent supply chain of our raw materials.

Our Vera Donna team

Beside bookbinder Stefania Polch, the team of Vera Donna is also owned by her husband Andreas Polch, who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of machinery and technical equipment. Two employees in production and an IT specialist complete the team.

In a manufactory with over 500 m² we are working in traditional book binding crafts with machinery and equipment that have been restored from museum collections, as well as with the most modern technology. Thus we can guarantee a quality that can hardly be found on the market anymore. You will love the luxurious feel of touch, the typical smell of genuine leather and the unique quality of our papers. Real bookbindery artwork, handcrafted in Germany.

With creativity, precision and enthusiasm for colors, fabrics and high-quality materials, my team creates beautiful new designs. A noble look for baptism, communion, funeral or an elegant business design for complete office facilities. A romantic touch for weddings, with classic vintage-chic or with colorful and cute motifs for children. Each designed with carefully chosen accessories.

Vera Donna GmbH

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Vera Donna Products

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