Leatherette Guestbooks

Leatherette Guestbooks

Durable leatherette guestbooks by Vera Donna: Leatherette, or artificial leather, is usualy a synthetic leather imitation made from a textile carrier material and a plastic covering layer. The french word faux leather is also often used for leatherette. We only use high quality artificial leather made from natural materials. Our suppliers are awarded with the FSC seal for a sustainable use of the natural raw materials. As leatherette is easier to cut than full cow-hide, it generates less waste material. Also we don´t need to take tanning times in consideration and can shorten the processing. Therefor leatherette is a cheaper and robust alternative to full cow-hide leather.

More choices you can find at https://www.vera-donna.eu/, the European Shop of our traditional German bookbindery.

All products from Vera Donna GmbH are purely handmade in traditional German bookbinder craftmanship in our manufactory located in Sinzig at the river Rhine. The smooth full cow-hide leather of the covers are made in Italy.

We control every leather skin for quality features and only use the best parts for book covers – remnants are used for example for test embossing. Our writing paper is made in Germany and Italy and it meets the highest quality requirements. We purchase accessoiries, such as reading tapes, ribbons, yarn or decorations, only from choosen suppliers within Europe, mainly Germany.

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