Diary with Marble Effect in Half Leather


The stylish diary with marble effect in half leather cover is made from a combination of the best Italian full cowhide leather and a high-quality hard cover with a matching gold texture. In addition to the round leather corners drawn in by hand, the leather back is handcrafted in German bookbinding.

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The diary with marble effect in half leather is made from a combination of barrel-tanned Italian cowhide leather and the beautiful cover made of handmade paper with a marble structure. The hand-made paper is refined with gold accents and cotton parts and impresses with its natural color structure. In addition to the round leather corners drawn in by hand, the rounded leather back is handcrafted in German bookbinding.

Quality Features

This diary with marble effect of the Vera Donna Manufactory is made in pure German bookbinding handcraft and impresses with its unique look. The beautiful paper cover with the hand-made marble structure is particularly lovingly highlighted by the gold accents and finely coordinated color nuances.

When ordering, please select your desired color “brown, with brown leather”, burgundy, with wine-red leather “or” blue, with blue leather “. The best barrel-tanned Italian cowhide leather, depending on the color selection in brown, burgundy or blue, and the particularly high-quality paper cover with its unique gold-interwoven grain are something very special.

No diary is like the other – the marbling of the hard cover is uniquely different for each book. The spine and the corners are covered with the full grain leather. This is where the term “half leather” comes from! Of course, the closure of the diary is also made of this full cowhide leather. You will feel the quality and love the unadulterated leather smell.

Another special feature of pure handcraft are the “round corners” drawn in by hand. The curves are drawn in individually using a bookbinding awl.

The high-quality chamois-colored writing paper in 100 g / m² is a special quality. This is absolutely acid-free, has special line-shaped watermarks in the horizontal and vertical directions and is therefore ideally suited for writing with a fountain pen. The special detail, however, is the thread-stitched block, which ensures a long shelf life. This characteristic of bookbinding craftsmanship, in which the sheets are connected with thread, is clearly different from the cheap products with perfect binding.

On a total of 224 pages and measuring 140 x 170 mm you will find enough space to record your thoughts or entries. The book block with its three-sided smooth cut gives this diary its elegant touch.

In order to achieve the typical book character, the block spine is rounded. In addition, the book block is finished with a headband.

As a special feature, the marble effect half leather diary is provided with a lock. This allows you to keep your entries completely private. We would be happy to create a diary for you without a lock.

With this traditionally made diary you will discover the passion with which we have made this product for you. At the highest level of quality and using the best materials. Real handcraft, made in Germany!

Product Combinations

We will be happy to manufacture another product in this design for you to match this marble effect half leather diary. Take a look at the photo album! More information about the Marble Effect diary You can make your entries in style in this handmade diary from the Vera Donna bookbinding company. We are happy to answer personal questions at info@vera-donna.de.

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Diary with lock


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Supportive Backing


High quality lock with key, protective slipcase



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