Guest Book Water Buffalo Leather with hand torn Block of handmade Paper


  • Binding in soft cover made of real leather from water buffalo
  • hand-torn deckle block
  • Softcover binding
  • 498 pages of chamois colored writing paper in 100 g/m²
  • each page torn by hand thread
  • stitching
  • Size 230x300mm
  • two satin bookmarks
  • Spine rounded
  • Capital band
  • refined hand drawn “round corners”
  • German handwork

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The water buffalo leather guest book with a hand torn block of handmade paper is made entirely in Germany. The cover made of genuine water buffalo leather has a very special feel and its own character. The leather has been treated with vegetable substances with a transparent protective coloring so that the unique structure of this high-quality thick leather remains visible. You can see that these animals have lived in a manner appropriate to their species – battle scars, pigment spots and the grain of the surface structure, which is unique to every water buffalo, are the special features of real buffalo leather.

Quality features Guest book water buffalo leather with hand torn block of handmade paper

This exclusive guest book from the Vera Donna manufactory is handcrafted in Germany and impresses with its unique look.

The high-quality leather from the water buffalo impresses with its individual surface structure. This thick leather with a soft surface is characterized by its great feel and the elaborate natural coloring in a warm shade of brown. The cover made of softcover has a unique feel.

You will feel the quality and love the typical leather smell!

A special quality feature is the high-quality chamois-colored writing paper in 100 g/m². This is absolutely acid-free and is therefore also ideal for writing with a fountain pen. Each page is torn by hand at the edge, creating an elegant deckle edge.

The block made in thread stitching ensures a long service life. This characteristic of German bookbinding, in which the leaves are bound together with thread, is quite distinct from less durable perfect-bound products.

With a size of 230 x 300 mm and a total of 498 pages, you will find plenty of space for your guests to sign in in style. The book block with its hand-torn deckle edge on three sides gives this guest book a very special, elegant touch.

Two high-quality satin ribbon markers are used to identify specific pages.

In order to achieve the typical book character, the spine of the block is rounded and provided with the classic book bindings. In addition, the book block is finished with a headband. To give the guest book its particularly soft feel, the leather binding is made with a soft cover.

Another special feature of pure craftsmanship are the “round corners” drawn in by hand. The corners of the book are rounded off using an eel. Only the highest quality leather from water buffalo is used for the cover. The appearance of the particularly thick guest book is rounded off perfectly by the three-sided deckle edge and the frame embossing on the front of the book.

With this traditionally made handmade block guest book, you will see the passion we put into making this product for you. At the highest level of quality and using the best materials. Real handwork, Made in Germany!

Product combinations for the guest book

We can also produce other products for you with leather from water buffalo to go with this guest book. Simply send us an inquiry. In the shop you will find the binder with registers 1-7, the binder with registers 1-12 and the binder with registers 1-31 as well as a signature folder made of water buffalo leather. With an individual embossing you can give this guest book your personal touch.

Additional Information about Your Vera Donna Product

Your guests will want to sign this hand-made guest book by the Vera Donna bookbindery.

Custom-made embossing with your company logo can of course also be applied to this product. We will gladly make you an offer! We are happy to answer personal questions at

Additional information


Leather type

Water buffalo leather






Supportive Backing


Equipped with elegant ribbon bookmarks


Fixed hand-made protective slipcase made of elephant skin paper cover, frame embossing on the front of the book



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